minimum investment: $100.00

San Francisco, CA

Welcome to the World’s First People-Owned Social Media Company

RUMOR is a hyperlocal social media platform with curated video content for you, by you. Take a glimpse into your block, see what's happening in real-time, whether it’s the next “IT” restaurant, bar, blog, concert, activity, or event. Peek inside new cities before visiting. Explore, create and share local content. Go incognito in public or share Rumors privately with friends, track how far your story spreads while pushing the boundaries of what it means to be a #solomo platform!

Funding target: $50,000 – $415,330 by 2/3/2018

Regulation Crowdfunding: Equity (SAFE – Cap and Discount)

Minimum investment: $100

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  • Hyperlocal ads engine for local businesses w/machine learning algorithms (ai)
  • Integrated with Yelp, Foursquare, Zomato, and OpenTable to provide an honest open sourced “Rumor Score”
  • Integrated with Uber & Lyft for in app bookings

Imagine if we actually owned the social media platform we use, the content we share, and revenue generated from it. Twitter captured trending ideas worldwide. Facebook kept your circle of friends together. Instagram was great at sharing pictures with friends and Snapchat filtered video clips with rainbows. But, they all fail at what is currently happening one block away, right now, in real-time. We are building a next-gen mobile experience, that fosters frictionless and rich local connections!