Pittsburgh Current


minimum investment: $100.00

Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh Current is a reader-first, multimedia company that provides coverage of news, arts, music, sports, and events through an updated daily website and a twice-monthly printed newspaper. It was founded by Charlie Deitch and Bethany Ruhe, the former editor and marketing director, respectively, of Pittsburgh City Paper.

Worried that corporate influence is affecting the quality and integrity of news outlets across the country, Charlie and Bethany founded the Pittsburgh Current to cover news that is valuable to readers, not political or corporate interests.

Pittsburgh Current’s bimonthly print issue is available at just over 200 locations around the city and the team is now ready to scale up the number of physical locations! They are looking to raise up to $31,250 to purchase used racks and street boxes, and to cover the associated costs of making sure that all of their readers in the Greater Pittsburgh area can have access to their own copy! New physical locations will improve Pittsburgh Current’s presence in Pittsburgh and get honest and relevant news into the hands of readers. Anyone over 18 years old may invest.

Funding target: $10,000 – $31,250 by 10/29/2018

Regulation CF: Loan

Minimum investment: $100


Pittsburgh Current is looking to expand their distribution chain to get their paper in front of as many eyes as possible. To do this they are looking to buy 25 new newsboxes that will be on high foot-traffic streets along with 200 news racks that will go inside gas stations, coffee shops, and stores. This heightened visibility will be one of the primary accelerators contributing to the growth of Pittsburgh Current, increasing both awareness and general access. To get the most value out of these physical distribution points, Pittsburgh Current would like to hire a newspaper distribution consultant with over 49 years of local newspaper distribution experience. Delivery routing software would allow them to optimize their routes and potentially even a used box truck so that Pittsburgh Current doesn’t need to keep using Bethany’s VW Tiguan to make deliveries!

The office is in needs of some upgrades as well. A new iMac station along with a new printer will both greatly improve Pittsburgh Current’s ability to publish fresh print and digital media in an efficient manner. Pittsburgh Current is also looking to bring on a new full-time employee to do internally manage circulation and distribution along with business operations. This would allow them to fully maximize their time with a consultant and then take the responsibility in-house. This delivers both cost savings and efficiencies.

Additionally, the door to Pittsburgh Current’s distribution center is a wooden garage door that is probably original to the building from the 1930’s. So they would like to replace the door to improve the weather and critter-proofing of the building.