minimum investment: $100.00

Beachwood, OH

America's Small Business Payroll Service is a payroll service company, much like ADP or Paychex, except that we focus on very small businesses and offer the basic services free of charge (optional premium services are between $10
and $20 per month). The services are primarily supported by advertising that is displayed on the payroll software. Our small business owner clients provide a very valuable target market for advertisers who offer products and services intended for business use.

Funding target: $50,000 – $1,000,000 by 11/9/2017

Regulation Crowdfunding: Loan (Promissory Loan)

Minimum investment: $100

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  • US small business market is 30+ million
  • Only about 1 million use a payroll service
  • Developed fully functioning payroll software compliant with regulatory requirements in all 50 states
  • 1,000+ clients in all 50 states

We have found that for most small businesses payroll services are generally unaffordable, and they tend to process it in-house to save money. Unfortunately, this often leads to huge payroll tax penalties ($4.2+ billion assessed by the IRS in 2015). We wanted to be able to offer those 30+ million small businesses a payroll option that is affordable, reliable, and service focused, which will allow us to eventually become the #1 small business payroll service provider in the United States.