Oodles Corporation


minimum investment: $1,000.00

San Ramon, CA

Creating real interactions by connecting retailers to college students

We promote enticing offers from food, drink and entertainment vendors in college towns to students. Our patent-pending process incentivizes students to go to these retail outlets together, and the more they share and do together, the more value they get. Because everything on our app is geared toward helping students spend more time together, we've created a win-win scenario for both our vendor partners and users.

Funding target: $100,000 – $963,000 by 9/8/2018

Regulation Crowdfunding: Equity (SAFE)

Minimum investment: $1,000

  • Our user base has quadrupled to around 8,000 students in the last six months.
  • We have 4.9 stars on 215 ratings in Apple’s App Store. 
  • Revenue generated for partners has increased 150% in six months.
  • Grown from operating in one University to three in less than a year.

After opening our first account at the University of Oregon in April 2017, we’ve now grown to three total college campuses. We have a rapidly growing user base (currently more than 8,000 students) and bring real value to our vendor partners, so our goal is to grow nationwide. There are around 4,000 college campuses around the United States and we soon want to have a user base in every one.