minimum investment: $1,111.00

San Francisco, CA

Immersive entertainment blending art & technology sells $13,500 in tickets/day

Using interactive & immersive mediums to inspire collaboration & connection, we create & curate experiences designed to bring people together. In Oct. 2018 we opened our first destination in San Francisco & launched The Unreal Garden, the first large-scale mixed reality art experience. On Dec. 22 2018 we will open LMNL, a labyrinth of digital art with 14 interactive rooms & over 60+ minutes of fun for all ages; tripling our capacity & revenue potential. Average daily gross ticket sales: $13,500.

Funding target: $99,900 – $1,065,600 by 4/6/2019

Regulation Crowdfunding: Equity (Priced Round)

Minimum investment: $1,111