minimum investment: $100.00

Ann Arbor, MI

the shared mobility economy

Movatic enables companies to join the shared mobility economy.
Scooters and bikes are rapidly becoming a popular transportation option in cities. The rise in scooter and bike sharing programs across the US and internationally shows that app-enabled scooters and bikes are wildly popular, as well as convenient and efficient. As consumers become more accustomed to using app-enabled bikes to get around, other entities, like residential complexes, college campuses, and tourist hotspots are all looking to get in on the game

The Problem:
The more scooters and bikes you have, the harder they are to manage. Manually dealing with keys is an unnecessary hassle in a connected world. Using paperwork to rent out bikes is downright archaic. Not to mention the cost of having to pay for someone to manage the rental location.

So what is Movatic?
Movatic is a software platform that helps solve all of these problems. Its solution consists of 3 key parts: backend solution, app, and white label app / sdk. On the Movatic App, users can find, rent, and pay quickly, easily, and automatically. Our backend provides all of the tools to make management easy. Our white label solution and SDKs allow us to work with larger clients that require an app and google play store presence in addition to their movatic app listing.

Funding target: $10,000 – $91,000 by 3/12/2019

Regulation CF: Equity

Minimum investment: $100