Mighty Well


minimum investment: $25.00

Newport, RI

Fashionable and functional products that transform the patient experience

We Create Products That Patients and Healthcare Providers Are Asking For:
Functional and Stylish Apparel and Accessories That the Patients Can Wear with Confidence

  • No Compromise
    Mighty Well® products are carefully crafted to help patients through challenging health setback and bring as much normalcy as possible back into their lives
    Mighty Well® has created Wellness You Can Wear
  • Our products are the best opportunity for patients, caregivers and loved ones to provide meaningful gifts and ways to demonstrate care and support

Upcoming products include:

Mighty Med Organizer: Organize diabetic supplies, holds Epi-Pen®, inhaler, and 7 daily pages to organize medications and supplements. The hard exterior shell protects and disguises as tech/cosmetics.

Mighty Pack: Insulated compartments to keep food or medication cold, converts from backpack to tote, fits over a wheelchair, easy to clean separate compartments to keep tech, medical supplies, and personal objects separate. Designed in mind for those with feeding tubes/enteral nutrition.

Mighty Everyday Tank (Women's): Antimicrobial and moisture wicking for the life of the garment, free flowing outer layer with a fitted interior layer to hide feeding tubes, ports for chemo, and pockets to conceal medical supplies, such as an Epi-Pen®, inhaler, and/or diabetic supplies.

Funding target: $25,000 – $500,000 by 2/15/2018

Regulation CF: Equity SAFE

Minimum investment: $25

It All Started with a Cut Off Sock, a Cute Hockey Player, and an 8 AM Finance Class. Oh, and a PICC Line* That inspired us to launch our first product, the PICCPerfect® PICC Line Cover, while students at Babson College. Mighty Well® was started once we began to grow beyond our proof of concept. We have created a brand platform that goes beyond the needs of a single market and instead focuses on the needs of the $40B global market opportunity that we are penetrating.

Medical Fashion: An Emerging Market According to a 2016 New York Times’ Article, the Global Medical Fashion Industry Has Been Valued at $40B and $25B in the U.S. Alone. Mighty Well’s® first collection of Wearable Wellness’ focuses primarily on the following patient populations: Cancer patients, diabetics, and those needing long-term vascular access with PICC lines, ports, and feeding tubes.