minimum investment: $500.00

Budd Lake, NJ

App ends nightlife “approach anxiety”

With internet dating, you finally set up a date only to find out the person is extremely different in person – older/heavier/photo filters have misled etc. – it’s dating false advertising! You have also wasted weeks corresponding with messages/texts/phone calls that resulted in a non -match. That’s why in a lot of cases you still see people on these sites month after month, year after year. It just takes too much time between match and meet up. This won’t happen with our app.
Verdict: No Match Here!

In real-world dating when you are at a nightlife district venue you approach a potential match and you find out they have a boyfriend/girlfriend, they are gay and you are straight, they live out of state and are just visiting a friend or worst of all – they have no interest in you!
Verdict: No Match Here!

So, with our app you will get the best of both worlds – all the advantages of New School and Old School without any of the disadvantages!

Funding target: $10,000 – 107,000 by 12/20/2018

Regulation CF: Equity

Minimum investment: $500

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