Lobstah On A Roll


minimum investment: $100.00

Boston, MA

Seafood Restaurant

Invest in Lobstah on a Roll’s flagship South End location, serving heavily-portioned Lobster Rolls in a fast-casual New England environment.
Share in the revenue of a critically acclaimed South End eatery with expansion plans across New England
Founded in 2017, Lobstah on a Roll opened its first location in the South End. Already known for its neighborhood feel and variety of counter service-style offerings including craft sandwiches and a breakfast menu, the core draw is the eponymous lobster rolls, served in a standard six-inch form and at foot-long increments up to the 60-inch “Monstah”; the larger rolls require advance ordering.

Funding target: $25,000 – $107,000 by 07/31/1061

Regulation CF: Loan (Revenue Share)

Minimum investment: $100

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