minimum investment: $100.00

Forest Park, IL

The Ultimate Fantasy Sports App

Group Me Meets Venmo for Fantasy Sports
It is the most exciting time of the year — Fantasy Season. Your friends are already speculating draft picks and talking smack to each other. But now you have to deal with the part that every commissioner hates: collecting league dues. Rodney swears he already paid you in cash, Mike sent his via Quickpay, Lisa keeps replying with emojis every time you text her to pay up, and Joe still hasn’t paid his dues from LAST season! That is all about to change. Introducing Leagueswype, the Group Me meets Venmo for fantasy sports.
In paid fantasy sports leagues, the league “commissioner” often collects participation dues by cash or check. Where these funds are kept are anybody’s guess, resulting in slow or incomplete payouts, frustrated players, and fractured friendships. We believe the fantasy sports community needs a better solution – one that’s transparent, efficient, and fun.
This is where Leagueswype comes in. Leagueswype is the best and most convenient way for these 59 million+ fantasy players to collect and distribute league fees paid. Frustrated league commissioners can more easily collect league fees and pay out winnings with full transparency. Users can talk smack and engage with other league members using the message board and integrated messenger app. They can score discounts and special offerings made to Leagueswype users. In our opinion, never before has so much convenience, functionality, and fun been offered on one platform to the growing market of fantasy sports players.
Leagueswype is a mobile wallet for the league, offering a platform for an interactive community of enthusiasts and an easy, quick, and secure method for collecting, storing, and transferring league pay. It makes collecting dues easy and timely, payouts are instantaneous, and ponying up for that mid-year draft party becomes a breeze.

Funding target: $10,000 – $1,070,000 by 9/16/2019

Regulation CF: Equity (Units)

Minimum investment: $100