minimum investment: $250.00

Newport Beach, CA

Cyber Security for Everyone & Everything

Bringing Cyber Security to Everyone and Everything, Everywhere.

Keezel is the leading solution to protect yourself from cyber-attacks and enjoy a private and open internet. Keezel combines the power of a firewall, VPN encryption, phishing filters and ad blocking in a portable, beautiful product. Keezel brings peace of mind to consumers and businesses. Keezel is easy to use for anyone. It protects all devices on any network with one push of a button.

Keezel has been one of the most successful Indiegogo campaigns (top 0.1% campaigns), beating its goal (1900%!) raising more than $1 million USD revenue from over 5000 customers in 100 countries. The company has kept growing and is selling products at Amazon, Touch of Modern, Staples, Office Depot amongst other sales channels. But the plans are even bigger…. Keezel aims to secure any connected device. Not only for consumers and business professionals, but any connected device used in verticals like the hospitality industry, finance, construction, medical and industrial sector.

All these sectors are struggling to protect their connected machinery and tools, as they fail to receive top notch security updates from their manufacturers. Keezel fixes this with an extra line of defense. The need for additional security is a huge opportunity for us as well as a must have for a society that gets more and more dependant on connected devices. Invest now, get in at the ground floor and help us provide secure connectivity, everywhere.

Funding target: $10,000 – $1,070,000 by 2/18/2019

Regulation CF: Equity (Future)

Minimum investment: $250