minimum investment: $100.00

Newport Beach, CA

Feature Film

KARAGANDA is an action film based on an award-winning thesis short filmed at the prestigious American Film Institute (voted #1 film school in the world by The Hollywood Reporter in 2011 – the year director Max Weissberg entered). This 26 min. short screened in 26 film festivals in 13 countries, earning 5 awards. Unlike the short, the feature will be in color. Note this short film was produced by “DBA LosFilm CA,” a company separate from Karaganda LLC (but directed by Max Weissberg, the CEO of Karaganda, LLC).

Like THE GODFATHER, KARAGANDA will establish the genre of Russian mafia films by casting Russian actors in top-level roles, with bits of Russian to add authenticity.

Funding target: $10,000 – $1,070,000 by 4/22/2017

Regulation CF: Equity ()

Minimum investment: $100