Kansas City Breweries


minimum investment: $200.00

Kansas City, MO

Storied Kansas City Brewery with roots back to 1905 relaunches

In December of 1905, The Ferdinand Heim Brewing Company acquired the Rochester Brewery (formerly called J.D. Iler Brewing Company) at Chestnut and Rochester in the East Bottoms. The Heim Brewery was located adjacent to the Iler/Rochester brewing plant in the East Bottoms off of Chestnut Traffic way. The site was also location for the first Electric Park operated by the Heim Brothers. A new company was formed called the Kansas City Breweries Company.

The new company also purchased the Imperial Brewery at auction, after Imperial had several years of financial problems. This consolidation was considered the single most important event in the City’s brewing history since the merged company became Kansas City’s largest brewer.

The newly consolidated company made improvements at the Imperial plant, and the name was changed from Imperial branch to Rochester Brewing “B” Plant. In 1911, the consolidated breweries produced 338,332 barrels of beer. The output consisted of three primary brands: Heim Special, Rochester Bohemian, and Old Fashioned Lager. The Mayflower and Imperial Sealbrands ceased to exist.

Old Fashioned Lager became the company’s staple brand just as it is today with KC Lite a 4.2% alcohol beer in KC Royals Blue (MLB); KC Lager a 5% alcohol beer in KC Chiefs Red (NFL); and KC Malt a 6.2% alcohol strong beer or malt liquor in black, gold & silver…

Funding target: $25,000 – $100,000 by 7/18/2018

Regulation CF: Equity

Minimum investment: $200

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KC Brands exceeded proof of concept expectation when retailers that followed marketing suggestions sold 2x as much as foreign owned name brands with 2x the profits. Consumers on average saved over $1-$1.75 per 6-pack while enjoying the regional affinity associated with locally owned beers that national sports fans have come to recognize in the KC Royals Blue (MLB) and KC Chiefs Red (NFL). Because any college student budget can afford KC Branded beers our channel partners, regional and local customers provide long-term growth, stability and potential revenues of $50 million+ over the next 3-5 years.

Marketing is provided for our channel partners thru social media, sporting networks, motorsports sponsorships, podcasts and community events to ensure KC Brands are easily recognized and accepted by all of our supporting fans. More importantly, domestic beer drinkers with great affinity for premium beers, hard work and successful sports teams like the Kansas City Royals (MLB), the Kansas City Chiefs (NFL), Sporting Kansas City (MLS) and Nascar, are already adopting our US Owned Union Made great tasting affordable beers.

WHY WE ARE RAISING CAPITAL, AND WHAT WE’LL DO WITH IT With proof of concept a huge success and hyper growth on the horizon, capital inputs are needed for package and production demands in addition to marketing programs and to maintain strong channel partners and management teams. With additional investments combined with sales revenues the company can dramatically increase profits and investor return with expansion of it’s beverage complex (to produce contract and private label KC Brand sports drinks, energy drinks, vitamin drinks, sodas, ciders, juices and flavored waters). Bringing Kansas City Breweries Company back to life without the support of our channel partners, communities and sports fans could not be possible so the company would like to provide a financial opportunity for those who support us…