Innovation Houses


minimum investment: $500.00

Chicago, IL

Mission-driven housing, revitalizing the South Side of Chicago.

NeighborScapes NFP is the manager (the “Manager” or “Sponsor”) of a newly formed company, South Side Shares, LLC (the “Company”), which is seeking to raise $100,000 through this offering. NeighborScapes is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to neighborhood transformation primarily through its principal program, Innovation Houses, which combines housing revitalization with the growth of community service and civic engagement.

NeighborScapes presently operates two Innovation Houses, housing a total of 11 Community Building Fellows, and a third house is in the process of being renovated. With the $100,000 raised through this offering, the Company will purchase, renovate and operate four more houses. Target houses are two- or three-unit properties with eight to nine bedrooms each. NeighborScapes recruits Community Building Fellows from broad social networks and advertises with a preference for residents from the community or surrounding neighborhoods.

Funding target: $1,000 – $100,000 by 3/6/2019

Regulation CF: Equity

Minimum investment: $500