Hunny, Inc.


minimum investment: $99.00

Boca Raton, FL

One-Stop-Shop for Exciting Experiences

A Deal-Driven Social Community of Influencers and Their Followers
What’s the BUZZ about Hunny? To our knowledge, once launched Hunny could be the first platform to combine unbelievable experiences, free prizes, deals and engaging social media influencers — all on one platform. Hunny is designed to be a curated social e-commerce experience built to bring a once-in-a-lifetime personalized experience to the world through our engaging lounges that are built around a user’s passion.

We plan to give members tailored content, discounted products and services, and the opportunity to win or purchase memorable experiences. We hope to have Hunny’s affiliate partners produce once-in-a-lifetime experiences, coupled with social influencers who are passionate about sports, entertainment, fashion, and more in a one-stop-shop virtual platform.
Hunny aims to build social lounges around our members’ interest in various personalized social experiences and categories, such as sports, entertainment, music, fashion and more. As members engage within their lounges and click through excursions, products, brands, deals, and memorabilia, they will be able to make discounted purchases.

Funding target: $10,000 – $1,070,000 by 7/12/2019

Regulation CF: Equity ()

Minimum investment: $99

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