Ganaz Inc.

minimum investment: $100.00

Seattle, WA

Invest in Ganaz, and improve the lives of over a million farm workers!

There are over a million farm workers in the U.S. and even though nearly all of them have smart phones, they still find out about work by word-of-mouth and know little about the environment they're getting into. Meanwhile, farm owners face a major labor shortage – last year over $3B of produce was unharvested because farmers couldn't find enough workers. Ganaz is like a Glassdoor for agriculture – we help farm owners find workers and help farm workers find out which farms offer the best jobs.

Funding target: $75,000 – $107,000 by 2/16/2018

Regulation Crowdfunding: Equity (SAFE – Cap and Discount)

Minimum investment: $100

  • We launched our Minimum Viable Product (MVP) after two months of development
  • We’ve worked with 12 companies so far in California and Oregon, and have engaged with thousands of workers on our app and with our job posts on social media

  • We have a great set of advisors – industry leaders in food, agriculture, worker issues, and technology for development – check out our quotes
  • We have investor commitments of about $100K

Our mission is to create thriving workplaces on farms where workers and owners have healthy and happy mutually beneficial working relationships. We’re starting in farming here in the U.S., but our ambition is to improve the lives of workers around the world – whether they work on a fishing boat in Thailand or a mine in the Congo. We believe this is a $1B+ opportunity – creating a win for our investors and for the workers and employers we serve.