minimum investment: $500.00

Brooklyn, NY

A movement with a mission to help families Live Less Disposably

Esembly is a movement with a mission to help families Live Less Disposably starting with diapers.

Our reusable diapering system has everything new parents need to diaper their baby simply and sustainably: soft cotton Inners, adorable Outers, storage bags, organic skincare, and our proprietary Washing Powder. Esembly is scheduled to hit the national market in the fall of 2018, but our story actually starts long before that-in Brooklyn in 2009, when we launched a diaper laundering service called Diaperkind.
In the years since, we’ve washed millions of diapers, worked with thousands of new families, and learned everything there is to know about laundry science, diaper design, and the wants and needs of modern parents.
It was our passion from the beginning to enable families to Live Less Disposably, and with our service thriving in NYC we now want to share our knowledge and enable anyone anywhere to do so.

And so we’re thrilled to bring you Esembly. We’ve taken everything we’ve learned from Diaperkind and crafted a complete, reusable diapering system that gives families the tools to diaper simply and sustainably, regardless of where they live.
Esembly is designed and formulated by experts to give modern parents a better option for diapering their babies.
Live Less Disposably and have fun doing it!

– Liz Turrigiano, Cofounder

Funding target: $100,000 – $349,999 by 6/30/2019

Regulation CF: Equity

Minimum investment: $500

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