Esoteric Brewing


minimum investment: $100.00

Cincinnati, OH

Craft beer with integrity

Over the past few years, a wave of craft breweries has swept across America bringing innovation, new styles, and bold new flavors. But the traditional styles of craft beer are getting lost in the mix. In many ways, we’re losing the integrity of craft beer… the very soul that started this craft beer movement altogether. ??That’s why Esoteric elevates craft beer so it’s as elegant as fine wine. Our master brewer spent years honing his craft, paying homage to traditional Belgian, English, German, & American style beers made with old world character. 

Esoteric beers are brewed with pure ingredients, sourced locally, and grown organically. We’re a craft brewery that will elevate your palate and create a sumptuous experience that changes the way you think about beer. When you experience Esoteric you experience enlightenment.

Esoteric will redefine the standard taproom by creating a 5 star experience. We’re renovating the Paramount Building, the most recognizable building in Walnut Hills. Inside this exquisite 1920’s art deco style building, an intimate taproom awaits hearkening back to the days of the prohibition speakeasy. The brewery will occupy 10,000 sf, and will host as many as 400 guests. But unlike the standard warehouse taprooms of today, we’ll have a warm & inviting place built just for you.

Funding target: $174,800 – $894,200 by 4/25/2019

Regulation A: Equity

Minimum investment: $100

Esoteric Wants Equity for All Breweries are playing a role in the revitalization of communities. They are a magnet for visitors, they become anchors for retail, create new jobs, and instill pride. But the sudden influx of new residents can shift the demographics of the neighborhood. In an industry that traditionally lacks diversity, Esoteric brings you the first African-American and Asian-American owned brewery in Greater Cincinnati.

We are so committed to maintaining the integrity of our neighborhood. That’s why we’re offering the community a unique opportunity to own a piece of Esoteric Brewing Company. You’re the fabric that’s made this neighborhood so special. You already invested your lives here, and now we invite you to invest in Esoteric so we can grow together. As part of our commitment, Esoteric plans to designate a portion of our proceeds to non-profits in the local community that promote education, economic equity, improve food access, provide skills training, and other important causes that make our neighborhood better.

There’s a Bigger Vision for Walnut Hills Walnut Hills is a mile from downtown Cincy in a densely populated area. It represents the best of our city with a diverse population in age, race, & socio-economics. Long-time residents have seen the ups & downs and have a deep sense of pride in its renaissance. Twenty-somethings like the accessibility to downtown, affordable housing, and evening nightlife. Boomers enjoy the high-rise luxe apartments that overlook the Ohio River.

The Walnut Hills Redevelopment Foundation (WHRF) is investing $20M into the block, to revitalize Paramount Square. There are ~1,000 units planned in the next 3 years within a ¼ mile from the new brewery. The neighborhood is also between 2 major universities and has direct access to a major interstate. Many new businesses have already moved in ahead of the development. Esoteric Brewing Co. is proud to join the Walnut Hills community including local favorites such as: The Greenwich, Taste of Belgium, Gomez Salsa, Just Q’n BBQ, Video Archive, Fireside Pizza, and Parkside Cafe.