CRF Baltimore Affordable Housing


minimum investment: $1.00

Buford, GA

Vacant homes to affordable housing in Baltimore

Community Redevelopment Fund, Inc. (CRF) was created in early 2018 to fund the redevelopment of abandoned, foreclosed and other distressed property in America’s inner cities.
CRF also plans to create public private partnerships to allow for more efficient deployment of capital for affordable housing initiatives. Towards this end, CRF has incorporated CRF Baltimore Affordable Housing, LLC, the developer and issuer of this offering (the “Company”), in order to acquire, renovate and resell abandoned and foreclosed inner city homes in Baltimore thereby creating new affordable housing for future occupants.

CRF believes affordable housing is a major catalyst for the stabilization and crime reduction of inner-city areas. In turn, reducing crime leads to a safer environment for the children and families in these communities. We have built strong relationships with government and non-profit entities in Baltimore, all of whom have the same goal – a desire to redeem old, high crime neighborhoods by the introduction of capital and the renovation of homes, allowing new occupants to purchase or lease affordable housing.
We intend to initially focus on a neighborhood in Baltimore known as Four by Four. The neighborhood was named Four by Four because it is a matrix of four roads by four roads, comprising 16 square blocks. According to City-Data, the community includes 807 homes, of which 745 were built before 1960 and 470 built before 1940.

Funding target: $1,000 – $500,000 by 1/16/2019

Regulation CF: Equity

Minimum investment: $1,000