minimum investment: $100.00

Dallas, TX

Cheaters is a weekly syndicated TV Show.

“The Cheaters Television Show is one of the top 30 longest-running syndicated television series starting in 2000. It was started as the brainchild of Bobby Goldstein, a lawyer in Dallas, Texas.
“I am a lawyer by trade and had this crazy idea to create a TV show. Now here we are 18 seasons later!”

Making a new season of any television show is expensive. We are looking for investors to provide the funding for the next season of Cheaters for a 2x return on their money.
Cheaters is in its 18th season and generates revenue in syndication with new 1-hour full episodes and 30-minute strips that are a mix of new and old shows. These shows are sold to individual television stations, and the ad revenue is split between the show and the station.

Funding target: $10,000 – $1,000,000 by 4/30/2019

Regulation CF: Loan (Revenue Share)

Minimum investment: $100