b[x] spaces


minimum investment: $50.00

Brooklyn, NY

Coworking for the creator class

Creators Need Coworking
There are 4.2 million makers, builders, technologists, and artists in the US. They need places to work that are functional, flexible, professional, affordable and designed to suit the way they work. They require privacy, storage, slop sinks, blank walls, and a place to get messy. Traditional office coworking spaces don’t meet their needs.
They need space to create!
Creators’ needs are not met
by office coworking

They need . . . the b[x] solution
Coworking has revolutionized the commercial office space industry but has yet to dominate other sectors of commercial/industrial real estate. By building functional creator coworking spaces in affordable Class C industrial real estate, b[x] offers the benefits of coworking to this large underserved market.

Funding target: $50,000 – $1,070,000 by 3/10/2019

Regulation CF: Equity (Future)

Minimum investment: $50