minimum investment: $100.00

Fullerton, CA

Dental practice management software

Asprodental is an enterprise SaaS for dentists. All office operations, from health records to insurance billing, takes place in the software. Less than half a year old, the company already has dealer relationships and a functioning product used by two revenue generating clients to manage $3M of dental business.

Asprodental’s advantage is a unique application of design. Asprodental’s one-page-chart and imbedded search feature are the key advantages for dentists. Streamlining workflows and removing extraneous steps allows Asprodental to be 20% faster to use than a legacy server-based incumbent, which saves about 1 hour in a dental workday.

Funding target: $10,000 – $253,000 by 1/13/2020

Regulation CF: Equity (Common Stock)

Minimum investment: $100