Affordable Community Energy Services

minimum investment: $250.00

Chicago, IL

Sustainability for Low-Income Housing

In our experience, owners of low-income housing often face three barriers to performing green retrofits at their properties:
They lack the available staff to initiate and perform the work
They lack the expertise to design the optimal solutions
and to assess the risks
Most importantly, they can’t access the capital to pay for the work
This is the real value of ACE: providing the necessary capital to complete these improvements, which will be made easier through your investment in ACE.

To address these barriers, ACE:
Provides all of the resources and expertise necessary to perform these improvements
Assumes the risks of their performance
Provides 100% of the capital:
With no liability on owner for ACE financing
No mortgage on the owner’s real estate

Funding target: $10,000 – $1,000,000 by 1/25/2018

Regulation CF: Equity

Minimum investment: $250

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Affordable Community Energy Services Company (“ACE”) is a mission-driven, for-profit social enterprise. ACE brings broad-based energy efficiency, water conservation and renewable energy improvements to the vastly under-served owners and residents of low-income housing. And today-more than at any time in recent history-this is a mission facing daunting barriers! We need the support of social impact investors like you to help us overcome these barriers. Our Mission is to bring environmental and financial sustainability to owners and residents of low-income housing. And, in the process, provide a return to our social impact investors.

Your investment is of great importance to the future of ACE and the people that we serve. A critical step in ACE’s business model is to secure project loans, which will allow us to provide 100% of the capital required by our projects. These loans are not easy to obtain. Lenders must first be comfortable that the projected energy and water savings will be realized and then they must accept the fact that the assets securing the project loans are limited. We have convinced some lenders that the savings projections are reliable, but still might have to convince others, and we still must convince lenders that they would have adequate security. As a result, obtaining a project loan has proven to be even more difficult than we had anticipated and we have not yet been successful in obtaining a loan. Therefore, a key objective of this crowdfunding campaign is to create a stronger balance sheet for ACE to support the project loans necessary to grow the business. The good news is that if we obtain a project loan of a sufficient size, we expect to be engaged by affiliates of Mercy Housing, Inc., a large developer and manager of affordable housing projects, for a project or multiple projects that would entail providing water- and energy-efficiency measures projected to generate substantial revenues over the next 10 years (see Next Up: Mercy Housing below). In addition to helping to create a stronger balance sheet for ACE, your investment will help ACE to grow its team and reach out to more customers.