1UP Golf Development Group


minimum investment: $255.00

Oceanside, CA

A New Golf Experience

Bringing in Millenials to the Sport (and Fun) of Golf
We believe the traditional golfing audience is aging out, and it is imperative to catch the interest of younger audiences now via a totally revitalized approach to golfing. We believe millennials are turning to leisure gaming facilities that incorporate important aspects of their lives. This generation works hard and wants to play hard too. As such, we anticipate that they are on track to become the largest market share in golf, surpassing other generations at a fast pace.

According to our research, millennials require a hip-cool-trendy factor, and 1UP Golf delivers on all fronts. We will provide:
– Three-tier driving ranges enhanced with high-tech fun and games
– A full restaurant and bar
– Meeting rooms (great for digital nomads and entrepreneurs)
– Live range entertainment,
– Private rooms from which one can drive balls
– Private skybox flat panel televisions
– In-suite food and beverages
– Virtual golf ranges
And so much more!

Clientele will be provided golf clubs and balls, and can play as many games as they’d like, paying a fee per hour or per group, with the option to renew hours. We believe Millennials and Gen Xers both love a good concert, and at 1UP Golf we will provide an exciting, new kind of venue in which bands can perform.

Funding target: $10,000 – $107,000 by 11/20/2018

Regulation CF: Equity

Minimum investment: $255