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Dog Parker

Dog Parker


Brooklyn, NY Opening Up the City to You and Your DogWe’re on a mission to make more places dog friendly destinations. We put hi-tech dog houses outside of stores that don’t allow dogs inside. This allows dog owners to safely navigate the city with their pups. Instead of leaving dogs at home…(Read More)

Airing Inc.

Burlington, MA Developing the world's first maskless, hoseless microCPAP device for Sleep ApneaObstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is a medical condition affecting as many as 100 million people. Symptoms are snoring, choking, and gasping for air when asleep and sleepiness when awake. Untreated, OSA contributes to serious health problems — cardiovascular disease, diabetes, stroke, memory…(Read More)

Amulet Protective Technologies

Scottsdale, AZ Protecting the Public From Ballistic Violence Where They Work, Live, and PlayOur award-winning Amulet® Ballistic Barrier technology, designed to absorb bullets and shrapnel, has been embraced by the Security Industry, leading to the creation of an entirely new layer of protection for the public space. Now, furniture common to airports, schools, hospitals…(Read More)

Industry Water Filtration

Las Vegas, NV Reclaiming Wastewater Through Innovative Water Conservation TechnologyFounded by people who are passionate about solving the water crisis, we’ve developed technology that will produce “reuse water” out of wastewater, allowing water to be used again and not dumped. Our cost-per-gallon to process water is the lowest in the industry because…(Read More)

Freerolls Entertainment on GrowthFountain

Katy, TX THE 100% NO-COST TO PLAY, LEGAL POKER CLUBFreeRolls Poker Clubs are intended to make a major splash in the state of Texas with its 100% Legal and Free poker clubs. We are the first private-clubs to offer the live poker playing experience to our members at no cost beyond membership.Funding…(Read More)

Strong Systems Solutions

Carrollton, TXAccounting Software for Religious Organizations that ensure IRS complianceWe help keep religious organizations IRS compliant and ensure financial integrity in the form of offering a full accounting software system with banking and accounting functionality. Our software performs daily, monthly, quarterly or annual audits to ensure all financials are properly documented and accounted for. We…(Read More)

Green Mountain Organic Creamery on Milk Money

Ferrisburgh, VT Kimball Brook Farm’s line of Vermont premium milk, cream and iced teas isn’t just certified organic: it’s certified delicious Green Mountain Organic Creamery (GMOC) is the producer of all the organic Kimball Brook Farm products you know and love. Our milks, butter and iced teas are becoming a staple in…(Read More)

Atmos on Start Engine



Spring Hill, FL Complete Smart Home Control System The Atmos Smart Home Control System is a next-generation smart home device that brings the control of all your connected devices together. It’s the smartest, easiest way to control your home with simple voice commands and touchscreen navigation, using the sleek, high-definition interface. Funding…(Read More)

GeoOrbital on StartEngine

Cambridge, MAMake any bike electric in 60 secondsThe GeoOrbital Wheel converts any standard bicycle into an electric bike in seconds by simply replacing the front wheel. Outside of the biking world, the GeoOrbital platform opens up a world of possibilities for alternative electric vehicles. There’s no denying we have a commuter problem. Every day…(Read More)

American Homeowner Preservation on AHP

Chicago, ILInvest in America's FamiliesWe buy distressed mortgages at deep discounts, then directly work with homeowners to try to keep their homes.Regulation A: Equity Minimum investment: $100…(Read More)