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Devotion Vodka

Red Bank, NJ World’s First Sugar-Free, Gluten-Free, and American-Made Vodka FamilySince you may have missed the investment opportunity and significant financial gains experienced by those who invested in other successful brands, you now have the opportunity to invest in the World’s First Sugar-Free, Gluten-Free, American Made Vodka Family…(Read More)

Airing Inc.

Burlington, MA Developing the world's first maskless, hoseless microCPAP device for Sleep ApneaObstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is a medical condition affecting as many as 100 million people. Symptoms are snoring, choking, and gasping for air when asleep and sleepiness when awake. Untreated, OSA contributes to serious health problems — cardiovascular disease, diabetes, stroke, memory…(Read More)

Amulet Protective Technologies

Scottsdale, AZ Protecting the Public From Ballistic Violence Where They Work, Live, and PlayOur award-winning Amulet® Ballistic Barrier technology, designed to absorb bullets and shrapnel, has been embraced by the Security Industry, leading to the creation of an entirely new layer of protection for the public space. Now, furniture common to airports, schools, hospitals…(Read More)

New Century Cyber Technologies

Los Angeles, CA Invest from $0.50/share in eSports, Gaming and Computer Hardware CompanyWe create hardware for eSports, Gaming and Computer industriesFunding target: $50,000 – $1,070,000 by 5/5/2018Regulation Crowdfunding: Equity (SAFE – Cap, no Discount)Minimum investment: $100…(Read More)




NEW JERSEY, NJ Personal oxygen consumption wearable for fitness training–no lab or mask neededWe are developing a wearable device that lets people measure their oxygen consumption (VO2) while exercising. VO2 measurements are the best way to measure physical fitness and heart health. VO2 statistics typically require costly labs and bulky equipment. YOPI makes VO2…(Read More)


Jacksonville Beach, FL Mobile app for couples to build intimacy & desirePillow offers dozens of expertly designed, short, fun exercises for any couple to play along to in the comfort of their home. We are therapist-approved: many recommend us to their clients. In the one year since launch, we have 30,000 iOS downloads and…(Read More)

Amici Montessori Language Academy

Phoenix, AZ A Mandarin, Spanish, & English Language Immersion Montessori School Welcome to the future of education. Amici Montessori Language Academy teaches our children the skills they will need to be competitive in the 21st Century. Please join us and begin the journey of growing your children up to be tri-lingual, and equipping them with…(Read More)

Jarrett & Raja

Las Vegas, NV A unique magic and music show by acclaimed worldwide performers, Jarrett & RajaWe've toured the world for two decades performing our unique combination of astounding magic tricks and expert piano playing. Now, we're opening a permanent show in the capital of magic, Las Vegas, with “Jarrett & Raja: Magic vs…(Read More)

Industry Water Filtration

Las Vegas, NV Reclaiming Wastewater Through Innovative Water Conservation TechnologyFounded by people who are passionate about solving the water crisis, we’ve developed technology that will produce “reuse water” out of wastewater, allowing water to be used again and not dumped. Our cost-per-gallon to process water is the lowest in the industry because…(Read More)

Fortress Presents

Fort Worth, TX Diverse events & experiences for businesses and consumers by a trusted brandThere’s a gap in the industry between small firms focused on one event and international behemoths like Live Nation and AEG. Fortress is working to fill that gap by creating a diversified portfolio of events under one brand. This began with…(Read More)

Impact Science Education

El Cerrito, CA Getting middle school students hooked on science and engineeringWe’re piloting our curriculum in 60+ California school districts, reaching 10,000 students. Our lessons move away from traditional textbook teaching to a hands-on model based on direct engagement, teamwork and problem solving. We believe all students should have a chance to…(Read More)

Rogue Chimera Films LLC

Ormond Beach, FL Orchestrating your nightmares on filmProduce unique horror films with original stories and a female director.Funding target: $400,000 – $750,000 by 5/19/2018Regulation Crowdfunding: Equity ()Minimum investment: $100…(Read More)




San Diego, CA The Amazon of Vintage FurnitureWe’re changing the way people buy furniture by combining the convenience of modern ecommerce with high-quality, affordable furniture from the past. No more sifting through stuffy thrift stores or lugging musty Craigslist couches in order to get a great deal. With Loveseat, you can buy online…(Read More)

EPIC Global Franchising

New York, NY Franchising an entertaining & tough fitness program designed for optimal resultsEPIC is a unique fitness regimen I designed for the masses of worldwide fitness enthusiasts who want to stay engaged and inspired through each and every workout. We combine aspects of conventional and unconventional movements in a high intensity circuit training format…(Read More)

Fireman's Brew

Woodland Hills (Los Angeles), CA Anyone can invest in this award-winning craft beer founded by firefightersWe started our company selling kegs out of our trunks to friends and have now sold close to 4 million beers. Our brewery retails our four award-winning beers in 15 different states. Our inspiration comes from the firefighting…(Read More)

Freerolls Entertainment on GrowthFountain

Katy, TX THE 100% NO-COST TO PLAY, LEGAL POKER CLUBFreeRolls Poker Clubs are intended to make a major splash in the state of Texas with its 100% Legal and Free poker clubs. We are the first private-clubs to offer the live poker playing experience to our members at no cost beyond membership.Funding…(Read More)