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BeachSheetz on GrowthFountain



Burbank, CA The world's best outdoor and beach accessory.The world’s first 7ft x 7ft rip-stop microfiber beach sheet, that is heat-resistant, sand-resistant, and water-resistant.Funding target: $10,000 – $107,000 by 4/9/18Regulation Crowdfunding: Equity Minimum investment: $100…(Read More)

Home61 on NetCapital



Miami, FL Home61 is a tech company dedicated making the home-buying experience easy and enjoyable.All of the data on homes for sale is brought together on a single easy-to-use platform, made available to any and all Home61 clients and agents.Funding target: $10,000 – $1,070,000 by 1/15/18Regulation…(Read More)

Charlotte's Closet on NetCapital

Port Washington, NY Rent It, Rock It, Return ItCharlotte’s Closet is the first-to-market online destination where teens can borrow designer dresses for all occasions including prom, sweet 16’s, sorority formals, bat mitzvahs, the ultimate party guest and everything in-between at up to 75% off the retail price.Funding target: $10…(Read More)

Roomi on Republic



New York, NY Shared Housing Marketplace with 14x Growth in 2016Millennials are moving more than ever – on average a Roomi user is only staying in one place for 4.3 months. With rising rent prices, looming student debts and a preference for flexible, nomadic lifestyles, shared housing is becoming the new normal. But the process…(Read More)


Valley Cottage, NY Software platform making it easy to build IoT and Drone projectsMobodexter, which launched as a software backbone for the Internet Of Things, has expanded into Drones, Blockchain & Smart City. We partner with many leading players in the industry and provide software suite that helps devices make sense of their own data…(Read More)

San Francisco East Bay Brewing

San Ramon, CA Bringing San Francisco craft beer to untapped Asian marketsThe Asian market consumes 1/3 of the world’s beer,  generates 1/2 of global beer sales growth, and sees 1,000,000 more newly affluent middle-class adults emerge every few weeks. But it has only 1/30th of the world’s…(Read More)

Mission Brewery

San Diego, CA Gold Medal winning craft brewery in San Diego, CASince we started brewing commercially 10 years ago, Mission Brewery has established itself as one of the top craft beer brands in California. We made splashes in a competitive industry by winning highly-competitive brewing awards immediately after launch, and our brewery, housed in…(Read More)




Miami, FL Turn “The one that got away” into “The one.”Perchance is a mobile app that offers users a second chance at reconnecting with someone they may have shared a passing moment with. Using GPS, Perchance locates other users that were in your immediate vicinity at the same time as you. If two users…(Read More)

Digitally Imported

Denver, CO Electronic music streaming service with a human touchSince 1999, Digitally Imported has offered electronic music fans a way to listen to the music they love. By hand-curating our entire catalog, we make it easy to find good electronic music and stream it from our website and mobile apps. Today, DI has millions…(Read More)

Clip Interactive

Boulder, CO The bridge between radio and digital engagementRadio is a fleeting medium. When the 240 million radio listeners in America hear something they’re interested in, they have no way to follow up. Now with Clip Interactive, you can actually see what you hear on the radio. Not only can you see this awesome…(Read More)

Malibu Compost

Berkeley, CA The first national producers of true organic and biodynamic bagged compostWe make high-quality compost on our organic farms in California and Oregon. Our flagship product is called Bu’s Blend Biodynamic Compost. It gives plants, flowers, trees and vegetables the vitality they need to grow healthy and strong while simultaneously feeding the…(Read More)

Vampire Gourmet Bloody Mary on Start Engine

Studio City, CA Ready-To-Drink Gourmet Bloody MarysWe sell a great tasting, all natural, ready-to-drink gourmet Bloody Mary in 12 oz sleek cans, made with vodka, real tomatoes, and natural ingredients using a patented recipe that prevents the vodka from separating from the tomato juice.Funding target: $10,000 – $107,000 by…(Read More)

Atmos on Start Engine



Spring Hill, FL Complete Smart Home Control SystemThe Atmos Smart Home Control System is a next-generation smart home device that brings the control of all your connected devices together. It’s the smartest, easiest way to control your home with simple voice commands and touchscreen navigation, using the sleek, high-definition interface.Funding target…(Read More)




Memphis, TN KALiiN – Your AI Life Concierge!KALiiN is Your AI Life Concierge that saves you time, simplifies your life, while making your life more interesting and fun. For businesses, KALiiN is both an app and an Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform. KALiiN improves your life by providing access to a powerful and ubiquitous AI, which…(Read More)

Eliot’s Adult Nut Butters

Portland, OR Savory, specialty nut butters for grown-upsWe are a small batch, savory nut butter company delivering the most flavorful peanut butter you've ever had. We create high-quality, unique, and versatile nut butters that can be used not only in your classic PB&J but in your Asian stir-fry…(Read More)

Strong Systems Solutions

Carrollton, TXAccounting Software for Religious Organizations that ensure IRS complianceWe help keep religious organizations IRS compliant and ensure financial integrity in the form of offering a full accounting software system with banking and accounting functionality. Our software performs daily, monthly, quarterly or annual audits to ensure all financials are properly documented and accounted for. We…(Read More)