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Mr. Sparkle Window Washers on Direct

Oakland, CA Green, Honest & Obsessive CompulsiveMr. Sparkle is an established professional residential and commercial window washing business serving customers for more than 15 years. We believe every job is worth doing well and that exceptional service at a fair price are key to success. We take pride in our attention to detail, commitment to…(Read More)

GarageSkins on StartEngine



Albany, OR Real Wood Magnetic Garage Door OverlaysA simple, ingenious solution to beautify your home. According to, we spend billions of dollars every year making the exterior of our homes warm and inviting, adding stunning landscaping, patio furniture, even outdoor kitchens. But every day we walk right by the largest and a lot…(Read More)

StorEn Technologies on StartEngine

Stony Brook, NY Energy StorageSolar-Charged Batteries Are The Future StorEn Technology is developing evolutionary vanadium flow batteries. Incubated at the Clean Energy Business Incubator Program (CEBIP) within Stony Brook University in New York, we’re building upon the strengths of vanadium flow batteries to revolutionize the world of residential and industrial energy suppliers. Our…(Read More)

Keep Healthy

Northport, NY Truly healthy snack bars made from whole ingredients – plant-based & gluten-freeConsumer consumption has dramatically shifted from three large meals a day to five small meals. We deliver a convenient, healthy, and delicious bar as an alternative to the many processed, chemically-altered and sugar-filled snacks on the market. Our bars come…(Read More)

Enclave Beverage Group (EnBev)

Newark, DE Beverage company with affordable, reclosable alcohol & premium waterAs a “total beverage company,” we offer alcoholic & non-alcoholic drinks for consumers across the economic spectrum.  Our first product, EYE-V, is an affordable alcohol that comes in reclosable pouches and reclosable cans – an innovative container for music festivals and stores. Our Premium Bottled…(Read More)

North by Northwest Brewing Company

Austin, TX One of Austin's oldest craft beers (est. 1999) is now in cans at grocery storesI've brewed beer since 1987. Inspired by the Pacific Northwest brewery culture, I opened NxNW Restaurant & Brewery in Austin, TX in 1999. A 2nd location opened in 2014. In the brewpubs, total sales are…(Read More)

NetObjex on StartEngine



Irvine, CA Blockchain-Empowered Asset ManagementAsset Management pervades virtually all global industries from hard goods to soft, and for too long it’s been relegated to old models that have become obsolete and antiquated by recent developments in technology. With the exponential expansion of the Internet of Things (IoT), there’s an outstanding need for…(Read More)

MoJoe Brewing Company

Baltimore, MD Brew & Enjoy Fresh Coffee and Tea On-the-Go with the mojoe Mobile BrewerMoJoe Brewing Co. wants to change the way we get coffee on the go. The mojoe Mobile Brewer is the first travel mug-sized portable single-serve coffee maker that can heat any temperature water and brews coffee directly inside…(Read More)




Dover, DE We develop mass-scale Asia based artists & connect their fanbases to marketers.Jupiter Labs is a platform that develops and connects emerging dance music artists in Asia with advertisers and marketers, providing those media buyers with unparalleled access to artists' highly engaged social media fan bases. Through strategically and creatively building the…(Read More)

Solar Direct on StartEngine

Sarasota, FL Solar & Storage, on Steroids”Solar Direct helped launch the solar industry over 32 years ago, expanding into a full service Solar EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Contracting) Enterprise – a distinction and advantage most competitors don’t enjoy, since they must outsource the engineering and/or contracting to third parties. We provide solar electric & thermal…(Read More)

Hiero 2

Hiero 2


Las Vegas, NV The new generation of emoji keyboard apps for cities, celebrities, and athletesAt Hiero 2, we're creating digital platforms for athletes, brands, cities, and celebrities to engage with their fans in a highly personal manner. Our platforms allow people and brands with large social followings to market services and products to…(Read More)

Black Momma Tea & Cafe

N.Babylon, NY The Starbucks of the Tea Industry!We are purveyors of teas from different countries. We source directly from the plantation, so there's no middleman. Black Momma Tea & Cafe is the physical extension of our existing brands: Black Momma Vodka, Black Momma Tea, Black Momma Agave, and Black Momma Mixers…(Read More)

Airing Inc.

Burlington, MA Developing the world's first maskless, hoseless microCPAP device for Sleep ApneaObstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is a medical condition affecting as many as 100 million people. Symptoms are snoring, choking, and gasping for air when asleep and sleepiness when awake. Untreated, OSA contributes to serious health problems — cardiovascular disease, diabetes, stroke, memory…(Read More)

Freerolls Entertainment on GrowthFountain

Katy, TX THE 100% NO-COST TO PLAY, LEGAL POKER CLUBFreeRolls Poker Clubs are intended to make a major splash in the state of Texas with its 100% Legal and Free poker clubs. We are the first private-clubs to offer the live poker playing experience to our members at no cost beyond membership.Funding…(Read More)

Strong Systems Solutions

Carrollton, TXAccounting Software for Religious Organizations that ensure IRS complianceWe help keep religious organizations IRS compliant and ensure financial integrity in the form of offering a full accounting software system with banking and accounting functionality. Our software performs daily, monthly, quarterly or annual audits to ensure all financials are properly documented and accounted for. We…(Read More)

Green Mountain Organic Creamery on Milk Money

Ferrisburgh, VT Kimball Brook Farm’s line of Vermont premium milk, cream and iced teas isn’t just certified organic: it’s certified delicious Green Mountain Organic Creamery (GMOC) is the producer of all the organic Kimball Brook Farm products you know and love. Our milks, butter and iced teas are becoming a staple in…(Read More)