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Seam Tech on StartEngine

Los Angeles, CA Social Events Around Meseam is a platform born strictly of the philosophy that social interactions in person are more valuable than those experienced online. seam’s purpose is to get users to a social event with the least possible amount of effort. We need a platform that provides more to its users…(Read More)

Abstract Tube on StartEngine

Columbus, OH Discover Academic Abstracts in VideoUpload, share and explore academic abstract videos. Abstract Tube is similar to YouTube, but focused at academic videos only.Funding target: $10,000 – $107,000 by 4/24/2018Regulation CF: Equity Convertible NoteMinimum investment: $100…(Read More)

Movatic on NetCapital



Ann Arbor, MI Creating Seamless MobilityMovatic enables companies to join the shared mobility economy.Funding target: $10,000 – $107,000 by 4/23/2018Regulation CF: Equity Common StockMinimum investment: $100…(Read More)

Emerald Metrics on SeedInvest

Portland, OR Precision agriculture technology for the cannabis industry.Taking the guess work out of growing cannabis, the Emerald Metrics system’s CannaIntelligence software enables producers to grow faster, better, smarter cannabis.Funding target: $25,000 – $1,070,000 by 3/30/2018Regulation CF: Equity CrowdNoteMinimum investment: $500…(Read More)

Undercurrent VR on NetCapital

Brooklyn, NY Experience virtual reality without gogglesUCVR is a technology and a format to redefine how people consume their media. Undercurrent VR Inc. is introducing a brand new, plenoptic-based, virtual reality format that differs from the competition by not needing any goggles or headsets to operate. Undercurrent’s customer base will be educational institutions…(Read More)

Gryphon Online Safety on SeedInvest

San Diego, CA AI-powered WiFi network security platformIn a world with more connected devices than ever before, Gryphon keeps you safe from cyber threats with an AI powered security system.Funding target: $25,000 – $900,000 by 3/23/2018Regulation CF: Equity CrowdNoteMinimum investment: $500…(Read More)

Wind River Biomass Utility

Stevenson, WA Converting waste wood into power by means of an efficient systemWe make waste wood valuable by producing useful products for residential and commercial consumption. Currently, we are producing bundled campfire wood and cordwood out of material that would otherwise be thrown away.Funding target: $150,000 – $480,000 by 5/1/2018Regulation Crowdfunding…(Read More)




Chicago, Illinois Sourcing, roasting, and serving fantastic coffee with classWe source, roast, sell, and brew beans from coffee farms around the world. We’re also far more than a coffee shop. Ipsento is a community of people on a journey to experience life’s pleasures. Our mission is to enlighten those we serve, because while…(Read More)

MoJoe Brewing Company

Baltimore, MD Brew & Enjoy Fresh Coffee and Tea On-the-Go with the mojoe Mobile BrewerMoJoe Brewing Co. wants to change the way we get coffee on the go. The mojoe Mobile Brewer is the first travel mug-sized portable single-serve coffee maker that can heat any temperature water and brews coffee directly inside…(Read More)




Dover, DE We develop mass-scale Asia based artists & connect their fanbases to marketers.Jupiter Labs is a platform that develops and connects emerging dance music artists in Asia with advertisers and marketers, providing those media buyers with unparalleled access to artists' highly engaged social media fan bases. Through strategically and creatively building the…(Read More)

Solar Direct on StartEngine

Sarasota, FL Solar & Storage, on Steroids”Solar Direct helped launch the solar industry over 32 years ago, expanding into a full service Solar EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Contracting) Enterprise – a distinction and advantage most competitors don’t enjoy, since they must outsource the engineering and/or contracting to third parties. We provide solar electric & thermal…(Read More)

Chores R Us on StartEngine

Chores R Us


Chicago, IL Mobile & SaaS Platform for Gig EconomyChoreRelief is a mobile and SaaS platform for consumers to hire contractors to perform household tasks like cleaning, landscaping & handiwork. ChoreRelief makes these services affordable to anyone, regardless of income while empowering service providers to become successful entrepreneurs. The current competitive landscape has proven there is…(Read More)

CARROT on NetCapital



Royal Oak, MI A mobile wellness program that rewards people financially for walking and meeting personal activity goalsCARROT provides employers with a wellness solution that has a track record of incentivizing even the most sedentary staff members to lead more active lives, achieving off-the-charts participation and engagement. Thanks to its unique “gamified” approach…(Read More)

Mighty Well on Republic

Mighty Well


Newport, RI Fashionable and functional products that transform the patient experience We Create Products That Patients and Healthcare Providers Are Asking For: Functional and Stylish Apparel and Accessories That the Patients Can Wear with Confidence No Compromise Mighty Well® products are carefully crafted to help patients through challenging health setback and bring as much normalcy…(Read More)

Zoi on StartEngine



Los Angeles, CA Help save lives with wearable technologyZoi, on a basic level, is an app that integrates with an Apple Watch and other wearable devices to detect heart rate.Funding target: $10,000 – $55,000 by 2/14/2018Regulation CF: Equity Minimum investment: $200…(Read More)

Hiero 2

Hiero 2


Las Vegas, NV The new generation of emoji keyboard apps for cities, celebrities, and athletesAt Hiero 2, we're creating digital platforms for athletes, brands, cities, and celebrities to engage with their fans in a highly personal manner. Our platforms allow people and brands with large social followings to market services and products to…(Read More)