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Nexus eWater on StartEngine

San Diego, CA Home Water and Energy RecyclingBring Water and Energy Recycling to the Home Many of us forget how precious water is, especially those of us who are fortunate enough to live in countries where we can turn the faucet and watch it flow in seconds. In places like California, we tend to remember…(Read More)

Wolfie Services on StartEngine

Langhorne, PA The First-Ever Local Deals Search EngineWe are Wolfie – the “Uber of Deals”. To the best of our knowledge, Wolfie is the world’s first-ever local deals search engine, empowering consumers to search for any product or service and receive instant notifications from local businesses that match the requested category – in real…(Read More)

GarageSkins on StartEngine



Albany, OR Real Wood Magnetic Garage Door OverlaysA simple, ingenious solution to beautify your home. According to, we spend billions of dollars every year making the exterior of our homes warm and inviting, adding stunning landscaping, patio furniture, even outdoor kitchens. But every day we walk right by the largest and a lot…(Read More)

Powell Development Group on StartEngine

Torrance, CA Revolutionary Condom DesignGalactic Cap: A Unique Condom that Men Want to Wear The condom is one of the most-used devices to prevent pregnancy and the transmission of many STDs, according to SexEd Library. Very little has changed in its overall design for centuries. We believe the Galactic Cap will change people’s…(Read More)

BioClonetics on StartEngine



Heath, TX Developing a Cure for HIVWe’ve created an antibody that targets & neutralizes the HIV virus. At BioClonetics Immunotherapeutics, we’re one step closer to ending the search for the HIV cure. We have discovered and developed a proprietary cell line that produces a fully-human antibody proven to specifically target and effectively neutralize…(Read More)

StorEn Technologies on StartEngine

Stony Brook, NY Energy StorageSolar-Charged Batteries Are The Future StorEn Technology is developing evolutionary vanadium flow batteries. Incubated at the Clean Energy Business Incubator Program (CEBIP) within Stony Brook University in New York, we’re building upon the strengths of vanadium flow batteries to revolutionize the world of residential and industrial energy suppliers. Our…(Read More)

TotalSource Solutions on StartEngine

Stafford, VA Net-centric Threat Detection SystemRevolutionizing Security Through the Use of Technology to Detect, Determine and Fight Multiple Threats 2 of the 5 deadliest mass shootings in modern U.S. history happened in a span of 35 days. On October 1, 2017, 64-year-old Stephen Paddock opened fire from his 32nd-floor hotel…(Read More)

Epec on StartEngine



Plantation, FL A Whiskey Like No OtherEpec – James FC Hyde Sorgho Whiskey The American craft spirit industry is hot. Witness the recent acquisition of Utah-based craft whiskey producer High West Distillery for $160 million followed by the 2017 acquisition of Georgde Clooney led Casamigos Tequila for nearly $1 billion. At Epec, we are pioneering…(Read More)

ALTO Pizza Kitchen + Bar on Wunderfund

Cincinnati, OH Together at Last: Stone Hearth Pizza and Craft Beer for Covington In spring 2018, ALTO Pizza Kitchen + Bar opens its doors as an upscale pizza & wine bar in the heart of Covington, KY (minutes from downtown Cincinnati). The restaurant is also the food service partner to Braxton Brewery, one of Cincinnati’s…(Read More)




Los Angeles (Reseda), CA We Make the Mac Tablets That Apple Won’tArchitects, designers, and animators are just a few of the over 369k creative Mac professionals buying tablets in 2017 for a lot more than email and internet access. These users need the power, performance, and portability of a laptop but also require advanced…(Read More)

Keep Healthy

Northport, NY Truly healthy snack bars made from whole ingredients – plant-based & gluten-freeConsumer consumption has dramatically shifted from three large meals a day to five small meals. We deliver a convenient, healthy, and delicious bar as an alternative to the many processed, chemically-altered and sugar-filled snacks on the market. Our bars come…(Read More)

Enclave Beverage Group (EnBev)

Newark, DE Beverage company with affordable, reclosable alcohol & premium waterAs a “total beverage company,” we offer alcoholic & non-alcoholic drinks for consumers across the economic spectrum.  Our first product, EYE-V, is an affordable alcohol that comes in reclosable pouches and reclosable cans – an innovative container for music festivals and stores. Our Premium Bottled…(Read More)

North by Northwest Brewing Company

Austin, TX One of Austin's oldest craft beers (est. 1999) is now in cans at grocery storesI've brewed beer since 1987. Inspired by the Pacific Northwest brewery culture, I opened NxNW Restaurant & Brewery in Austin, TX in 1999. A 2nd location opened in 2014. In the brewpubs, total sales are…(Read More)

Caknow Technology on StartEngine

Pasadena, CA Hassle-Free Auto Repairs at the Tap of an AppCAKNOW aims to offer fast, trouble-free car services and auto parts delivery through one game-changing app At CAKNOW, we want to make car repairs as quick and easy as shopping online. No need to waste time searching for the right local mechanic…(Read More)

Icebreaker on NetCapital

North Attleboro, MA AI-powered dating adviceIcebrkr is taking the mobile dating app to the next level with some help from A.I. and machine learning. Imagine an experience where every user has a state-of-the-art profile, knows exactly what to say to their matches to build meaningful rapport, and chooses the best…(Read More)

NetObjex on StartEngine



Irvine, CA Blockchain-Empowered Asset ManagementAsset Management pervades virtually all global industries from hard goods to soft, and for too long it’s been relegated to old models that have become obsolete and antiquated by recent developments in technology. With the exponential expansion of the Internet of Things (IoT), there’s an outstanding need for…(Read More)