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Sweat Cosmetics on First Democracy VC

Denver, CO For Active BeautyWhy is it so hard to find high-performance makeup designed to protect and enhance beauty while enduring an on-the-go lifestyle? The founders of Sweat Cosmetics know the struggle – they were all Division I or professional soccer players who had searched for the perfect products to hold up even…(Read More)

Intrommune Therapeutics on NetCapital

New York, NY Intrommune Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company developing a new, simple treatment for food allergies. The company’s toothpaste drug delivery platform offers an easy and safe way to retrain the immune system to reduce the risk of symptoms of food allergy, like throat swelling, stomach upset or even a life-threatening drop…(Read More)

Sterilogy on NetCapital

Bloomfield Hills, MI Personal sanitizer systemSterilogy is a patented, body worn compact personal sanitizer system that is easy to use. It is visible to the patient and reminds healthcare workers to sanitizer if they inadvertently forget. Then, it records dispensing events instantaneously so that hospital management can view compliance data in real time. In a…(Read More)

Fundraise Up on SeedInvest

Brooklyn, NY AI-Powered fundraising solution aiming to help nonprofits increase donations. We aim to help nonprofits increase their online donations by reducing “donor friction”. When potential digital donors come to a nonprofit’s website and feel inspired to give, they are not prepared to jump through hoops and deal with complicated donation flows. Digital…(Read More)



Mesa, AZ Heleum is an automated app that grows your funds over the long-term by letting it float between currencies.One of the biggest pain points consumers have is growing their savings. This is difficult to do in banks, costly and illiquid in retirement plans, and confusing and risky in volatile markets. Our goal…(Read More)

R3 Printing on Republic

New York, NY Safe, Fast, and Efficient: The Future of Enterprise 3D PrintingA 3D printer that addresses the industry’s biggest problems. The R3 Printer is an ultra-safe 3D printer for enterprise applications. Prevents user burns, prints 90% faster than competitors, 200% larger build area than same-sized printers.* Targeting a $5.6 billion…(Read More)

Eight Shires Distillery on First Democracy VC

Williamsburg, VA Handcrafted spirits using authentic Colonial American ingredients Williamsburg Distillery (doing business as Eight Shires Distillery) is a small craft distillery located in the Historic Triangle of Williamsburg, Virginia. Eight Shires’ mission is to research, preserve, teach, and present the history of distillation from the Colonial American period (from the year 1600 to 1775…(Read More)

EvoShare on SeedInvest



Berkeley, CA Retirement through SpendingA financial platform that enables employees to save for their 401(k) when shopping locally and online. We believe, due to the rise in cost of living and deeply rooted spending behaviors, it has become harder for individuals to set more money aside for retirement. EvoShare has found a way to…(Read More)


New York, NY A Membership Tool To Preserve Cultural Spaces in Our CitiesWe help music venues, art galleries, and other cultural spaces set up quality membership programs, which builds crucial monthly recurring revenue. During ticket sale check out, we give customers quick and easy actionables to sign up for memberships, giving them the opportunity to…(Read More)




Seattle, WA Smart band that syncs with the music and connects you with other fansGemio sells smart wristbands that connect you to friends, music, and sports (like a high-tech friendship bracelet). The band has LED light effects with millions of colors and special effects that respond to music, movement, and people. The band&#039…(Read More)

Border X Brewing

San Diego, CA Infusing the craft beer experience with traditionally Latino flavors and cultureWe're breaking down borders and building community with Latino craft beer, delicious food, and rich culture. We offer Mexican food to complement our beers, host local Chicano art and music, and have helped revitalize our Barrio Logan neighborhood. We reinvented…(Read More)


North Hills, CA Higher-performance, cheaper propulsion systems for satellites The Second Space Race is here. There are 23,000+ satellites planned to launch in the next 8 years, up from the 1,500 currently in orbit. All satellites need propulsion to get into orbit and stay there, but the current options use toxic fuels…(Read More)


Des Moines, WA A Revenge Flick Offering Something A Little DifferentAdventus Films is a team of filmmakers working on a new venture: Martingale.  The Adventus team has a proven ability to tell great stories and turn a profit in the marketplace. We need people like you to share in the production and revenues…(Read More)

Full Circle Brewing

Fresno, CA Fast-growing craft brewery and live entertainment space in Downtown Fresno Full Circle is the longest-running brewery in the Central Valley. When our team bought the brewery in mid-2016, we reinvigorated the business by hosting concerts, roller derby, bike polo, dodgeball, and lots of other events, all infused with quality brews…(Read More)


San Francisco, CA First Job Board to 70 Million Americans With Criminal RecordsOne in three Americans live with criminal records. That's 70 million people. And most of these 70 million Americans experience pain when they try to reintegrate into the workforce. As an ex-convict myself, I wanted to serve my brothers and…(Read More)




Solana Beach, CA The first Mangosteen juice brand in America.Mangosteen fruit juice company. (a rare super fruit) one of the only fruits to contain Xanthones (most potent anti-oxidant) One of the most expensive fruits in the world and only available as a supplement .Our company will sell 100% pure Mangosteen based drinks- retail…(Read More)