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New York, NY A Membership Tool To Preserve Cultural Spaces in Our CitiesWe help music venues, art galleries, and other cultural spaces set up quality membership programs, which builds crucial monthly recurring revenue. During ticket sale check out, we give customers quick and easy actionables to sign up for memberships, giving them the opportunity to…(Read More)




Seattle, WA Smart band that syncs with the music and connects you with other fansGemio sells smart wristbands that connect you to friends, music, and sports (like a high-tech friendship bracelet). The band has LED light effects with millions of colors and special effects that respond to music, movement, and people. The band&#039…(Read More)

Border X Brewing

San Diego, CA Infusing the craft beer experience with traditionally Latino flavors and cultureWe're breaking down borders and building community with Latino craft beer, delicious food, and rich culture. We offer Mexican food to complement our beers, host local Chicano art and music, and have helped revitalize our Barrio Logan neighborhood. We reinvented…(Read More)


North Hills, CA Higher-performance, cheaper propulsion systems for satellites The Second Space Race is here. There are 23,000+ satellites planned to launch in the next 8 years, up from the 1,500 currently in orbit. All satellites need propulsion to get into orbit and stay there, but the current options use toxic fuels…(Read More)


Des Moines, WA A Revenge Flick Offering Something A Little DifferentAdventus Films is a team of filmmakers working on a new venture: Martingale.  The Adventus team has a proven ability to tell great stories and turn a profit in the marketplace. We need people like you to share in the production and revenues…(Read More)

Full Circle Brewing

Fresno, CA Fast-growing craft brewery and live entertainment space in Downtown Fresno Full Circle is the longest-running brewery in the Central Valley. When our team bought the brewery in mid-2016, we reinvigorated the business by hosting concerts, roller derby, bike polo, dodgeball, and lots of other events, all infused with quality brews…(Read More)


San Francisco, CA First Job Board to 70 Million Americans With Criminal RecordsOne in three Americans live with criminal records. That's 70 million people. And most of these 70 million Americans experience pain when they try to reintegrate into the workforce. As an ex-convict myself, I wanted to serve my brothers and…(Read More)




Solana Beach, CA The first Mangosteen juice brand in America.Mangosteen fruit juice company. (a rare super fruit) one of the only fruits to contain Xanthones (most potent anti-oxidant) One of the most expensive fruits in the world and only available as a supplement .Our company will sell 100% pure Mangosteen based drinks- retail…(Read More)

KOTA Longboards

Denver, CO Cruising from adventure to adventure on the perfect longboard KOTA makes longboard skateboards that appeal to the active lifestyle market. Our customer base is atypical for a longboard company because our boards are atypical. Spanning the young professional to the retiree, we provide the right product to attract a clientele to longboarding that…(Read More)

Rentah on StartEngine



Brooklyn, NY Rent Whatever, Whenever.Rent-a-projector, Rent-a-lawnmower, Rent-a-dog walker, Rent-a- Halloween costume, Rent-a -guitar teacher, Rent-a-bouncy castle, prom dress, DJ, ice cream maker, Spanish tutor, steam vac, 3D printer, tuxedo, power drill….. Do you get the name, idea, and possibilities?Funding target: $10,000 – $100…(Read More)

PlantSnap on StartEngine



Telluride, CO Plant, tree, mushroom identification app “Just take a photo of the plant, and PlantSnap immediately tells you what it is, where it comes from, etc. We're the first mobile app to harness machine learning technology to recognize specific plant, tree and mushroom species-and the more you use it, the smarter…(Read More)

Platform at 930 Mellon on SmallChange

Pittsburgh, PA Get green with this Passive House in Pittsburgh Platform at 930 is the first of a set of three houses to be constructed on three vacant and contiguous lots in the Highland Park neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, located at 930-934 Mellon Street. The site is nestled in the heart of the neighborhood…(Read More)

1476 Magazine LLC on SmallChange

New Orleans, LA Worker/artist owned & run bed and breakfast on New Orleans' Magazine St. This community-driven project amplifies the life of New Orleans's historic Lower Garden District. 1476 Magazine Street takes a long-vacant lot and transforms it into an 8,000 square foot center of arts, culture and…(Read More)

Food Commons Fresno on

Fresno, CA Growing a Vibrant Community-Owned Local Food SystemFood Commons Fresno is a for-profit benefit corporation and a non-profit land trust, working to grow a vibrant, community-owned local food system in Fresno and the San Joaquin Valley.Funding target: $4,500,000 by 2/1/2019Direct: Equity, Loan, Pre-pay Minimum…(Read More)

TerraCycle on Direct



Trenton, NJ Recycle Everything With TerraCycle At TerraCycle we’ve cracked the code. We profitably recycle what most consider to be “unrecyclable.” Today, not someday in the future, pretty much everything we once considered non-recyclable waste can be collected and transformed into raw materials for the creation of new products. Developing complete solutions is…(Read More)

KetoNatural Pet Foods

Salt Lake City, UT Tearing down the house of carbs that is the modern pet food industryKetona is a revolutionary dry dog food with 75% less carbohydrate than other leading “grain-free” brands. It is a truly first-of-its-kind product, with 5% of the carbohydrate content typical of an expensive raw diet but…(Read More)