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Garic Stephens on Kiva

Glade Spring, VA Stephen: “This funding helps purchase machinery that we need to produce our custom clothing and It will also help hire 2 part-time people creating jobs in the area.”Target: $8,000 by 06/02/18Minimum investment: $25…(Read More)

Stone Mountain Adventures on Kiva

Big Stone Gap, VA Neil: “This funding helps A Kiva loan helps by allowing us to buy the remainder of the equipment we need and to finish some of the remodeling we need to do to make this business expansion the most successful.”Target: $10,000 by 06/02/18Minimum investment: $25…(Read More)

AJ'S Lawn Care & Property Services on Kiva

Richfield Springs, NY Bernadette: “This funding helps to give us the working capital we need to hire our first employee and purchase the equipment needed to start our jobs we have contracts to complete.”Target: $8,000 by 06/08/18Minimum investment: $25…(Read More)

Pinto IP on Kiva

New York, NY Susan: “This funding helps me to expand my business, pay business taxes, and allows me to grow my business organically.”Target: $10,000 by 06/12/18Minimum investment: $25…(Read More)

Leerecs on Kiva



Bronxville, NY Antonio: “This funding helps Work on refining the website front-end and user experience message to create a highly targeted marketing campaign with a congruent image across the board while boosting my advertising, and gain working capital for my business development patents.”Target: $5,000 by 06/09/18Minimum investment: $25…(Read More)

Junior's llc on Kiva

Milwaukee, WI Kenneth: “This funding helps build a better check out counter for our grocery store.”Target: $7,000 by 06/08/18Minimum investment: $25…(Read More)

IncrediPole on Kiva

Brooklyn, NY Sharon: “This funding helps us to expand our business to an additional location with new equipment and hiring more instructors.”Target: $10,000 by 06/08/18Minimum investment: $25…(Read More)

Just Goods on Kiva

Just Goods


Milwaukee, WI Lisa: “This funding helps me to purchase eco-friendly and fair trade items for the store and a computer and software system to run the store and keep track of over 60 local and fair trade artisans I help support.”Target: $7,000 by 06/11/18Minimum investment: $25…(Read More)

Uncle Billy's Taproom on First Democracy VC

Austin, TX Austin Brewery serving craft beer, cocktails and Texas BBQ Named for William “Uncle Billy” Barton, whose last name is synonymous with one of Austin’s most identifiable and eclectic neighborhoods, Uncle Billy’s Brewery & Smokehouse offers award-winning craft beer, Texas slow-smoked barbeque, and a brand-new line of “Uncle Billy…(Read More)

Tall Pines Distillery on Honeycomb

Salisbury, PA The first legal moonshine distillery in Somerset County, Pennsylvania since prohibition!Tall Pines Distillery is the first legal moonshine distillery in Somerset County, Pennsylvania since prohibition. Opened in July 2016, they craft small batch moonshine with natural ingredients and flavorings and they use high-quality local ingredients whenever possible.  Tall Pines currently offers…(Read More)

Ankara American on Kiva

San Jose, CA Josephine: “This funding helps fund monthly payments for a storefront, employ tailors to meet customers demands and pay for additional operating costs towards business expansion.”LoanTarget: $10,000 by 06/02/18Minimum investment: $25…(Read More)

Cherry's Baking Company on Kiva

Philadelphia, PA Teresa: “This funding helps A Kiva loan will help Cherry's Baking Company purchase a mobile food cart from Unique Vending Carts, to use at different out door and indoor vending events and birthday parties. This will bring in more income and revenue.”LoanTarget: $5,000 by 06/03/18Minimum investment: $25…(Read More)

Husky TV on Kiva

New Rochelle, NY Anthony: “This funding helps us buy a 4K Digital Camera that we will use to produce our shows, commercials, music videos and other projects.”LoanTarget: $5,000 by 06/06/18Minimum investment: $25…(Read More)

The Crimson Club on Kiva

Milwaukee, WI Jeff: “This funding helps a longtime firefighter and a nurse make their dream of owning a business come true.”LoanTarget: $9,000 by 06/04/18Minimum investment: $25…(Read More)

My Mom Knows Best on Kiva

New York, NY Josephine: “This funding helps helps support the growth of our business by purchasing inventory for a newly extended product line and to expand sales and marketing efforts in support of new distribution channels.”LoanTarget: $10,000 by 06/02/18Minimum investment: $25…(Read More)