minimum investment: $100.00

Orinda, CA

Send money to loved ones on-the-gou2014Venmo for international remittances.

Migrant workers send $600 billion every year to loved ones in their home countries. ZipZap makes it easy for these workers far from home to send unlimited remittances for a flat monthly rate of $25. Instead of having to visit a store, wait in line, and pay expensive fees, migrant workers can now send as many remittances as they want, at amounts they can affordu2014all from their phone. This is thanks to our unique technology that combines traditional SWIFT transfers with Blockchain technology.

Funding target: $100,000 – $1,000,000 by 10/23/2017

Regulation Crowdfunding: Equity (SAFE – Cap, no Discount)

Minimum investment: $100

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  • Created the first hybrid Currency Router using blockchain & traditional payment rails to significantly cut operating costs
  • Introduced the first “all you can send”” remittance membership model for a low $25/mo”
  • Obtained Money Transfer license in Canada (and soon U.K. and U.S.)
  • Launched remittances to China, India and Philippines (3 of the largest remittance receiving countries worldwide)

We’re currently active in Canada, a fast growing immigrant market with $23 billion annual outbound remittances.

Users can pay as they go or subscribe for a monthly membership and send as little as $25 whenever they want and as often as they want.

With our proprietary Currency Router and infrastructure in place, we can scale to conquer the micro remittance industry in Canada as well as in markets like the U.K. and the U.S.