Throw Me A Bone Broth

minimum investment: $5.00

An organic grass fed powdered beef bone broth. This is bone broth 2.O! Just one 3.5 oz. package makes 12 cups of nourishing bone broth.

Throw Me a Bone Broth was conceived from a need to make bone broth easier to use. My family loved, & still loves, all kinds of bone broth, homemade, frozen or shelf stable. The problem was it was difficult to find the time to make it, room to store the broth & hard to use them on the go, to the office, to school, in the great outdoors, on vacation etc. Our favorite bone broths couldn't always follow where we were going. One day I stumbled across a recipe that an amazing woman had posted, homemade powdered bone broth. I was in awe of her cleverness & bravery to tackle & accomplish such a task. I started thinking there must be a way to make powdered bone broth on a commercial level. I reached out to & partnered with some really smart people & viola Throw Me A Bone Broth was born.

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Austin is known for being one of the healthiest cities in America & for loving the outdoor life. As such it’s been a perfect launching pad for Throw Me A Bone Broth but we want to share it with the world. With your help we can bring our organic, grass fed, powdered, portable beef bone broth to everyone. Funds raised will pay for mass printing of labels, procuring bones, simmering the bone broth, the time consuming gentle drying process & packaging.

We all want to live a healthy life style but simmering bone broth at home for 24+ hours & the other available options aren’t always handy. We want to make nourishing bone broth more convenient & readily available to all & hope to be able to donate Throw Me A Bone Broth to food banks across the nation.