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Punch’d Energy

minimum investment: $30.00

Orlando, FL

Natural Energy – Caffeine Gummies!

Punch'd Energy is a first mover in the natural energy space: 100% all-natural, green coffee bean caffeine energy in assorted super-fruity, low cal, low carb, gummie bears. Punch'd Energy is a fun brand that connects with consumers quickly. Caffeine gummies?!? That's all you have to say to try the tastiest, most fun personal energy product on the planet!

Funding target: $7,500 by 7/13/2017

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Minimum investment: $30

Punch’d Gummies are an all-natural caffeine product made with maximum taste and minimal sugar. We use caffeine from green coffee beans to give you fast energy, and fruit juice to sweeten the deal. Whether it’s between school and soccer practice, or you’re heading to the gym after sitting at work all day, Punch’d Gummies fit into any lifestyle. Take a Closer Look at What’s Inside Punch’d Energy Ingredients you can read. No weird stuff. All-natural and organic ingredients. No artificial anything. No sugar alcohols. No saccharin or aspartame. No high fructose corn syrup. No partially hydrogenated oils. Gluten free. Cruelty free. Fat free. Dairy free. Soy free. Allergen free. Irradiation free. Worry free!

In 2014, we started working with food scientists at Stanford University and experts at The National Food Lab to create our all-natural caffeine gummies. Since launching into retail, we’ve refined our formula even further based on feedback from thousands of customers. We started this PieShell project to help us produce our next batch of gummies at our co-packer: our new and improved Punch’d Gummies v2.0!