minimum investment: $100.00

Telluride, CO

Mobile app instantly identifies plants, flowers and trees

Just take a photo of the plant, and PlantSnap immediately tells you what it is, if you can eat it and more. We're the first mobile app to harness machine learning technology to recognize specific plant species; and the more you use it, the smarter the app becomes. As a result, we’re also building the largest, most comprehensive plant database in the world. Already, we have over 103,000 plants in our library. That’s enough to cover every plant species in the United States.

Funding target: $50,000 – $1,000,000 by 9/13/2017

Regulation Crowdfunding: Equity (SAFE – Cap and Discount)

Minimum investment: $100

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  • Raised $28.7k on Kickstarter with 1,947 backers
  • Built a database of over 103k plant species and adding 1k+ species daily.
  • Implemented the deep learning API
  • Launched the beta version of PlantSnap; public launch later this spring ’17

We aim to be the go-to app for gardeners, landscape designers, teachers, students, foragers, and anyone who enjoys nature. With 103,000 plants already catalogued, we’re well on our way to cover all of North America. From there, we’ll expand our database and market reach to Europe and Asia. When we have all 250,000 plant species worldwide in our database, powered by our machine learning tech, we believe PlantSnap will become indispensable to scientists and hobbyists alike.