Gorge Wind

minimum investment: $1.00

Arlington, OR

Construction Bonds to finance Community Wind project in Oregon

GTF will serve many purposes.  First and foremost, it will serve as a much needed resource for technical and secondary students to learn about servicing, maintaining, and operating modern wind energy equipment.  This training will be conducted by programs implemented by both Gilliam County and the Columbia Gorge Community College’s wind technician program.  Because the Project is located in the heart of wind energy country in Oregon, local students can receive state of the art training and be able to secure a job locally, allowing them to remain in their community. Second, the Project will serve as a demonstration center for RUTE’s innovative foundation technology.  It is the first foundation that can be fully removed economically, thereby enabling full restoration of the ground upon decommissioning of the wind turbine.  Last, it will provide cost-effective wind energy to customers in eastern Oregon.

Funding target: 100,000-350,000 by 2/2/2018

Title III: Loan Senior notes

Minimum investment: $1,000


Gorge Training Facility, LLC, an Oregon limited liability company, is issuing $100,000 in construction bonds to partially finance the construction of a single-turbine 2.3 MW wind energy project outside of Arlington Oregon (the “Project”). Proceeds from the offering will be used to pay for a portion of the foundation works for the Project, consisting of highly engineered precast post-tensioned concrete beams and anchors (the “Foundation”) designed and installed by RUTE Foundation Systems, Inc., which is also the sponsor of the Issuer. The Bonds, which will pay 10% simple accruing interest, will be secured by the Foundation.

When constructed, the Project will serve as an educational resource, training both professional and secondary students about servicing, maintaining, and operating wind energy equipment.  This training will be conducted by both county and state agencies, as well as the Columbia Gorge Community College. The Project will also serve as a showcase for RUTE”s innovative precast wind turbine foundation technology.