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Life’s too short for bad coffee.

Do you feel let down by the supermarket coffee aisle? Disappointed with the house blend purveyed by national coffee chains? You’re not alone. In fact, 76 million Americans sip specialty coffee every day, a number that’s grown 250% among 18-39 year-olds over the last eight years, according to the National Coffee Association.
Coffee is moving upmarket. And artisanal roasters are leading the way.
Here’s the problem: supermarket shelves are still stocked with commodity coffee. In fact, five conglomerates control nearly 80% of the $15.6 billion home coffee market in the U.S., highlighting the disconnect between what people want and what they’re being offered through traditional retailers.
But imagine if there was one place you could go to discover the best coffees from the country’s top artisanal roasters. Well, now there is.
Solution makes it easy for coffee drinkers to subscribe to roasted-to-order beans from top specialty roasters, whether that’s Ritual in San Francisco, Toby’s Estate in New York, or 19 of our other roaster partners across the U.S. Here’s how it works:

Pick out several coffees you’d like to try and add them to your Brew List, a playlist for coffee. Set a delivery frequency (such as every week or every month), and get the next coffee on your list each time.
As you rate the coffees you receive, we learn the characteristics present in the coffees you like, and provide personalized recommendations based on your taste profile.
Along the way, you’ll experience the stories of the coffee growers behind the beans; see photographs of the farmers, read about the cooperative, learn about the region. Most of our coffees are single-origin, meaning they come from a specific country, region, and often even a single farm. We seek out roasters who have direct trade relationships with the farmers themselves, encouraging transparency and fair prices.

Funding target: $250,000 – $750,000 by 8/2/2017

Regulation CF: Loan

Minimum investment: $500

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Coffee spans the world and touches millions of lives. At, we firmly believe that coffee is a community, not a commodity, and we’re on a mission to support every coffee drinker, roaster, and farmer in their endeavor to live well. Once upon a time as a college student, co-founder Tyler Tate spent a summer working with coffee farmers in Costa Rica, and was struck by the dedication and care they devoted to their art. For the next decade that spark smoldered while Tyler worked around the world as a designer and developer with tech startups like Nutshell CRM and Twigkit. In the spring of 2015, he ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to build the coffee marketplace of the future, and officially launched in December 2015 after a 3-month private beta. Coffee entrepreneur and storyteller Emily McIntyre joined as co-founder during the beta period, bringing her broad connections with the specialty coffee industry and her experience as a coffee journalist and marketer to the story. Founded in Seattle, we relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area in October 2016, and graduated from the 500 Startups accelerator in February 2017 following a 4-month program. In the weeks to come, we’re poised to roll out the biggest new offering since we launched: coffee for teams. helps you discover and subscribe to roasted-to-order coffees from artisanal roasters. Embark on a journey of connoisseurship with’s personalized recommendations, experience the farmer’s story behind each coffee, and discover carefully-curated small-batch roasters, all while giving back to coffee-producing communities. In summary: wants to build the next iconic coffee brand. Give Back True to our ethos of supporting coffee drinkers, roasters, and farmers in their endeavor to live well, we’ve partnered with Food4Farmers, an organization addressing seasonal hunger and malnutrition in coffee-producing communities. For each purchase on, $0.10 (for 12oz bags) to $1.00 (for 5lb) goes to food security projects for the 670 families who make up the SOPPEXCCA coffee co-operative in Jinotega, Nicaragua.