Contra Coffee & Tea


minimum investment: $25.00

The Original Coffee & Tea Brewery. #RenewYourBrew

Contra is a coffee and tea brewery based in Santa Ana, California that specializes in serving hand-formulated and innovative coffee and tea beverages on tap and on Nitro. No amount of expertise is required to serve our drinks, but expertise is required to formulate them and provide customers with recommendations. Unlike the current state of coffee and tea, we view coffee and tea as raw material rather than finished product. We constantly refine and reinvent our methods instead of standardizing them, as each beverage creation is brewed with their own method.


In order to help maximize our potential, and provide a quality and consistent service and product to our customers, we are asking for funding that will help cover the cost of opening up a brick-and-mortar location to expand the production of our coffee and tea brews.