Buying Collective Holdings Inc.

minimum investment: $100.00

Mt. Pleasant, UT

Organic, non-GMO foods at wholesale prices, delivered to your doorstep

We're focused on (1) building the Buying Collective of CLEAN food shoppers through the Health Merchant network; (2) sourcing CLEAN foods at the lowest possible cost; and (3) selling CLEAN foods with direct, free delivery to households that are part of the Buying Collective. We want to solve an enormous food problem in the United States- the high cost and limited availability of CLEAN food and the proliferation of GMO-contaminated food that pervades more than 70% of the food supply.

Funding target: $300,000 – $1,000,000 by 11/25/2017

Regulation Crowdfunding: Equity (Priced Round)

Minimum investment: $100

Demand for CLEAN foods is projected to grow to $100 billion by 2022. But there are an estimated 70-million more adult households that would likely shift their spending from GMO-contaminated, unclean foods to CLEAN foods if they were similarly priced. BCHI intends to capture 10% of the potential market demand for CLEAN foods by building a national Buying Collective comprised of adult consumers who are motivated to shop online to obtain lower prices with more convenience.