Bunny Bravo

minimum investment: $100.00

Los Angeles, CA

Animated film with all-star cast

With an all-star cast and over a dozen pop songs, Adventures of Bunny Bravo is the 14th animated film by Simka Entertainment. The movie will be produced in both English and Spanish following the success of Un Gallo Con Muchos Huevos – Producer Mychal Simka’s first and only other film released in English and Spanish – which made over $9 million at the box office. In the past, Mychal has produced three to four feature-length animated films annually. Proceeds from the raise will go towards the creation of deliverables required for distribution in the U.S., UK, Canada, Mexico, and South America and marketing the project to cable, pay-per-view, premium video-on-demand, and DVD buyers in those markets.

Funding target: $200,000 – $500,000 by 7/24/2017

Regulation CF: Loan Revenue Share

Minimum investment: $100

Adventures of Bunny Bravo is about a rabbit named Bravo. Bravo never does anything right and, to make things worse, his little brother (Taquito) is the “chosen one,” which means he will be the Easter Bunny when he grows up. Bravo has one job ? to watch over and protect his little brother ? which turns out to be more difficult than it seems. Taquito has a knack for getting lost, and the evil Cat Queen has her mind set on having the Easter Bunny under her powers. The adventure begins when Taquito is kidnapped by the Cat Queen’s henchmen. Bravo and his band of unlikely animal heroes (a dog, a pig, a frog, and a turtle) must go on a journey to rescue him. Along the way, Bravo learns about love between species when he himself falls in love with a cute cat named Cat, and he finds courage when he stands up to the powers of evil in order to set his brother free and save Easter forever.

The company, Bravo Bunny LLC is raising funds to market and distribute (‘release’ in industry parlance) Adventures of Bunny Bravo and the Spanish version, Un Conejo de Huevos, in the U.S., UK, Canada, Mexico, and South America. The principal production for both films has already been completed. All the actor performances have been captured, the animated scenes have been fully rendered, and the next step is creating the deliverables and marketing materials required by buyers. Once the film is complete, marketing and distribution can begin.