Big Head Farm


minimum investment: $25.00

Changing the world for good, one little farm at a time.

Established in 2009 we are a thriving, certified organic vegetable, fruit, herb and flower farm with a mission to produce healthy foods sustainably for our local foodshed and to build a business that is dedicated to building our local community. We promise to use health and environment friendly processing methods, to treat family members, volunteers and farm workers with respect, ensure their safety on the farm, provide a challenging and comfortable work environment, and pay them as well as the situation permits. We cooperate with other farmers to preserve farmland and farming knowledge. We cooperate with community leaders and members to create the most local food system possible in our area and a more sustainable way of life for all.

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I started on the idea of Big Head Farm while living in a big city and working a job where I sat at a desk all day long. My favorite time was working on my little guerilla garden of tomatoes, peppers and herbs on a tiny piece of dirt between cement walkways. Growing up in East Detroit, I never realized that I could be a farmer as my profession! Once I started asking questions and peeling back the layers of where my food is coming from I became more and more passionate about growing good food for people. I started on one acre and here I am today running 70 acres in diverse production.

This is the first season that I will be growing without offering CSA share subscriptions and I am in need of seasonal start-up funds. I see Credibles as a more flexible option for our customers who can choose what they want from our list of what’s coming to market, plus get a discount! This frees me up to do more work on the farm and less work on administration. The funds we receive will buy us seeds, pay our market fees, get gas for the car to get to markets, pay for supplies like packaging and help us expand our value-added products line of jams, fruit butters, raw apple cider, baked goods, hot sauce and more!