Asanda Air

minimum investment: $100.00

New York, NY

Ultra compact full service spas in unconventional high traffic locations

Asanda Air brings full service relaxation to our daily lives with ultra compact spas. The Apple Store started this trend: small beautiful stores in high traffic locations. We've shrunk the full service spa to 1/5 normal size. We're placing them in high traffic places like airports, offices and malls, so relaxation is as easy as a short break in your normal commute. This isn't just massage chairs – Asanda is award winning relaxation and meditation experiences designed by myself and Deepak Chopra.

Funding target: $100,000 – $1,000,000 by 11/25/2017

Regulation Crowdfunding: Equity (Convertible Note)

Minimum investment: $100

  • High performance spas taking advantage of unique revenue drivers, low build out cost, low operating cost, low use of expensive licensed labor.
  • Entered into long term spa development agreement with Davines North America, the US subsidiary of Davines S.p.A. a major European manufacturer of hair, skin and body products.
  • Signed Spa Agreement to build spas in Delta Air Lines Sky Clubs.
  • Opened fist Asanda Air spa concept at Sky Club in SeaTac Airport in Seattle.

INC. named our sister company, Asanda Aveda, America’s #96 Fastest Growing Company in 2015 and recognized Asanda Aveda the following year again as one of America’s fastest growing companies with $5mm in revenue after only three years in business from just two locations. This new Asanda Air model is the same core “touch of luxury” concept in spaces as small as 500 sq/ft generating as much as $2,500 per sq/ft in revenue, making Asanda Air the most lucrative spa for the space in the world.