Alkane Truck Co.

minimum investment: $247.08

Myrtle Beach, SC

Alternative Fuel Vehicles

We Assemble Unique Transportation Solutions — Powered by Clean Alternative Fuels. Join Us as We Disrupt the Trucking Industry!

Alkane is a new disruptive truck brand building alternative fuel transportation solutions for the trucking industry. We engineer and develop strong, powerful vehicles that can transform American trucking by reducing operating costs, creating new jobs and reducing dependency on foreign oil.

– We source only the best truck components available worldwide.
– We partner with experienced assemblers to build top-quality trucks using over 65% American-made parts.
– We build nationwide utilizing facilities across North America.
– We distribute, sell & service through an established dealership network trained in Alkane truck sales and service.

Funding target: $25,000 – $1,000,000 by 9/25/2017

Regulation CF: Equity $4.26 per share

Minimum investment: $247.08

Our mission is to produce a line of clean-burning, alternative-fueled trucks; use domestically produced, cost effective fuels such as propane and compressed natural gas; and hire American and assemble the trucks across the US.